Exercise to Increase Potency

Knees high Physical exercises to increase potency can become part of daily exercises for men. Scientists have proved that such exercises have a beneficial effect on potency and will help to strengthen it. By doing the exercises set out for thirty minutes a day those ones, which will be given below. Doing them a man has a chance to start a full sexual life. Every man can start to enhance potency, if he declined interest in sex, if during intercourse the hardness of an organ is not sufficient, or in case of weak erection there disappears opportunity to bring the act to its logical conclusion (orgasm). The reason for all this may be stagnation in the genitals when organs of the erectile tissues cannot be filled with blood, which does not allow an organ to acquire the necessary hardness. According to experts just to exercise is not very effective in this regard. The effect is significant, if we use specific exercises to increase potency.


Exercise № 1. Its essence lies in the fact that a man is walking and raises his knees high (as high as possible), pressing them to his stomach. It is necessary to keep the back straight and hands must be lowered down.

Exercise №2. Starting position: a man stands upright, hands on his belt. Knees in a half-bent state. To perform this exercise bend your knees more and in this condition the muscles of the buttocks tighten and relax as if you hold the ball, wedged between the buttocks. Then straighten your legs to the original position.

Exercise №3. Starting position: a man stands with half-bent knees, back must be straight. To perform the exercise you need to start running in place, but do not take your socks on the floor, only the heel. From the outside it looks like a man is shifting from foot to foot. Knees are moving forward. All this must be done at a fast pace for a minute.

Should raise his pelvis Exercise №4. Starting position: a man lies on his back. Legs are bent at the knees and feet are flat on the floor. Hands are arranged along the body and lie on the floor. To do this exercise a man should raise his pelvis.

Exercise №5. The starting position is the same as in Exercise №4. The fifth exercise is designed to train the muscles of potency, which are between the testicles and anus. To train these muscles one needs to stretch them in the same way as it happens when a man tries to hold back the urination. That is to try to bring the anus to the testicles. Buttocks should be relaxed. In this exercise is important not the quantity, but the force with which the man squeezes the muscles.