Silagra User Reviews

  • By Howard, 34

    Yesterday I have tried Silagra. I drank it during dinner. I felt the effect within 30 minutes already. It was enough for two full approaches with feeling and sensibly. My lady was delighted and I’m thankful to this preparation.

  • By Bobby, 37

    I have heard lots about Viagra’s generic Silagra. Finally, I have decided to buy and try it in practice. I want to say that the effectiveness of the tablets won’t leave anyone without satisfaction. The sensitivity and firmness are just “top class”! My wife and I are pretty happy with it, and I advise it everyone who wants to strengthen the process of making love.

  • By Henry, 35

    I always was suspicious with generics. As many who, I thought they were of worse quality and with great amount of adverse effects. But high prices for original preparations forced me to try some of these generics. I stopped my choice on Silagra and I did not miss the point! I was really amazed by its effectuality. Another positive bonus was that it has no adverse effects as many other tablets of the same kind have. Now I have fully changed my mind concerning generics. Well, at least this one is really effective.

  • By Jason, 55

    Since I am not young, I have begun to experience some troubles with my erection. Sometimes it is firm enough, sometimes it lasts for too short period. After I had had a consultation at a specialist, I, following his advice, decided to try Silagra. Though it a generic, it has the same effectuality as the original. Besides, it cost much cheaper. So why paying more for the same result? Now I always have these pills at hand.

  • By Josh, 40

    I can surely recommend Silagra from my own experience. Though this is a generic of Viagra, it has the same qualities as the original version and cost less. The effect comes within 30-40 minutes. If you take some alcohol, erection may come a bit later. Still, it works efficaciously and brings the desired pleasure. Into the bargain, its effect is mild and there follow no undesired events. You can fully trust this preparation.

  • By Edward, 57

    I’m already an old man and have a wife who is younger than me for 24 years. Of course, she wants “more” approaches than one. But I’m not always capable to do that. So, I turned for advice to a specialist and he prescribed me Silagra. The effect is absolutely satisfying as it lasts for 5 hours and makes it possible to prolong my sexual activity. Now I have no troubles with my wife.

  • By Todd, 43

    If you have any troubles with erection, than Silagra is precisely what you need! It is efficacious and reliable, without adverse effects and by good price.